One of the best things about owning Homestead and being in real estate, is that everything comes together. Separating business, personal and pleasure doesn’t really exist in my world. When your business is helping people buy homes, helping realtors, improving everyone’s business and life, it is all personal.

Your customers become your friends, your agents become friends, and in some case, even family. In being a husband and father, I feel family is life’s greatest gift. My wife is one of my best business consultants, and many of my co-workers are either literally or fundamentally family.

In being an obsessive business consultant: One of the greatest benefits of this job is developing any loan officer, realtor or other business person build and grow their business. There is nothing like complimenting a realtor or other business person’s skill set with my own to achieve results no one thought was possible. While the dream job of many may be rock star or athlete, mine would be on “Shark Tank”.

In being a mortgage company owner, in the human experience, it’s a never ending search for meaning and connection, being a mortgage company has become mine. Though originally an expression of ambition, it has become the threads upon which the tapestry of my life has been woven.

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